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Do health insurance companies cover the cost of hypnotherapy?

Do health insurance companies cover the cost of hypnotherapy?

Well informed in advance of the hypnosis session

Effective and good cooperation with each of our clients is very important to us. Therefore, it is important for us that each client is well informed about hypnosis, hypnotherapy, costs and procedure in our practice. And for us, this naturally includes the general conditions of our cooperation. You will therefore receive our Hypnosis E-Book with interesting and extensive information as a gift from us and learn everything you should know before your hypnosis session. And this includes for us also transparent framework conditions such as the costs of a hypnosis treatment. Our private practice does NOT bill health insurance companies. You will receive an invoice for each session, which you can use for tax purposes. Ask the tax office of your confidence for more information.

Read below, under what circumstances, health insurance companies in Germany but a share of the cost of treatment with hypnosis take over.

Which health insurance company covers hypnotherapy? Is hypnotherapy recognized by health insurance companies?

Scientifically and medically, hypnosis is a recognized method. There are numerous studies and well-founded investigations, the current research and findings, which prove its effectiveness meanwhile very well. To the regret of many, statutory health insurers, for example AOK or Barmer, do not yet cover the costs of hypnosis therapy. Private health insurances (PKV) take over the costs for hypnosis and hypnosis therapy partly or completely. How much of the costs in detail is taken over, depends on the respective and individual contract of the insurance taker.
This applies also to private auxiliary insurances, which refund likewise a part of the costs and recognize thus the Hypnose therapy as medical and psychotherapeutic achievement.

Hypnotherapy as a psychotherapeutic service

If you are privately insured or have supplementary insurance, we recommend that you obtain information about possible cost coverage from your respective private health insurance. At this point, you should also find out how much of the costs are covered by hypnotherapy. It is often the case that private health insurance companies only cover a portion of the costs of a hypnosis session. The portion of the cost that is covered can be compared to the cost that is covered for a psychotherapy service. Since the duration of a hypnosis session differs greatly from the duration of a psychotherapeutic session (usually more than twice as long), the costs for a hypnosis session already differ due to the time of a session. Thus it is also understandable that thereby also the prices in the vast majority of professional hypnosis practices, the cost part of the private health insurance or private health insurance exceed.

Summarizing can therefore be said:
  • The assumption of costs for alternative practitioner treatments varies depending on the contract.
  • You can claim the private settlement of costs as an "außergewöhnliche Belastung" (in Germany) on your tax return. Ask your tax advisor for further information.
  • There are private health insurances and private supplementary insurances that may reimburse a part of the costs. In any case, ask about the amount of costs that can be reimbursed before treatment.
  • For self-pay patients, hypnotherapy is usually billed privately.
  • Hypnosis Berlin is a private practice and does NOT bill health insurance companies. You will receive an invoice for each session as a self-payer. This shows NO fee codes of the GebüH and contains no diagnoses. The session is to be paid at the end of the session in cash or with EC card PRIVATE.
    Read more about the prices and hypnosis treatment costs in our practice here: Hypnosis Prices.

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